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At Moenn, we create minimalist essentials that reflect our belief of sustainable innovation. 

What does that mean? Sustainable innovation means:
1. Superior non-animal skin materials
2. Ethical Labor
3. Classic Styles
4. Made with Quality

We as humans have taken on too much. From the start, we have committed to not using any leather or other animal-based materials in our products. We want our products to feel natural to us, to reflect the synergy between humanity and nature. Every year, we continue to explore new innovative materials that have superior quality while being sustainable and eco-friendly. For example, we’ve been committed to using linings made of recycled plastic bottles. 

It takes us dozens of trips to Asia to find the best factories that meet our standards, in addition to the SA8000 standard industry qualification. Every factory we use has gone through our rigorous sourcing process. We visited every factory at least twice to evaluation their compliance with our ethical standards. We talked to the owners in person asking them about their motivation. Fortunately, we are really glad that some of the best factories that used to only produce for luxurious designer brands, have agreed to work with us even though we are 10 times smaller. These factory owners buy into our ideology and want to be part of a change to the manufacturing industry.